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Know This Deeply

Know this deeply: insecure and loud thoughts can only arise when you give your power away and step back into your unconscious mind. ⁣

And until you realize that your Awareness is God –the energetic Source that projects blessings and curses, you will be a beggar and look outside yourself. ⁣

But being a beggar is helping you! It's a Divine Blessing! Why? Because it’s showing you that being a victim feels like absolute shit! And feeling like shit is a call for conscious action by YOU, the Source!⁣

So what the Heaven are you waiting on!? ⁣

Gift yourself love! Gift yourself compliments! And gift yourself space to observe mind and body in Loving Awareness.⁣

This is maturity, this is mastery, and everything in your Dream is calling you into CONSCIOUS ACTION.⁣

But are you heeding the call? ⁣


The Lover Thats Always Within⁣



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