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There are laws that run this sphere, like the law of resonance and the law of attraction. But Wisdom Knows we don’t use the laws for petty or selfish endeavors because those always turn out bleak! ⁣

Some of us can get stuck in the arena, where we’re just trying to use the law of attraction for desires that were programmed into our body from a culture and system that believed in the dollar sign more than the heart sign (❤️). I.e., competition, comparison, and getting ahead. ⁣

For instance: “If I make more, I will feel more secure, loved, and protected because, in my conditioning, those who are rich (monetarily speaking) are well off and so happy!⁣


Don't get me wrong—Money is so beautiful! And It is valid, but it is not the Source of happiness. I have sat with many ‘wealthy folks’ who are still searching for the Garden of Eden, still looking for the Joy of Being Itself. ⁣

SO DO NOT BE CONFUSED! Money is not your joy. You are the joy that attracts the money! As well as all other seeming things in your life. But there really are no ‘things.’ What you call ‘things’ or ‘objects’ are really dancing, light particles! #consciousness

Therefore, when you are awake, you naturally start to ask the question: “What would a culture built on compassion, unity, and higher wisdom look like?” Reeducation of a culture is a reeducation of yourself. Because you are the culture. (as within, so without) ⁣

Therefore, we need to redefine abundance and prosperity, as the currency of Life Force itself, which can appear as ecstasy, an amazing family life, growing a garden with delicious organic foods, or self-care and compassion! That’s what I mean by ‘abundance.’ Of course, money is included in this, but it’s not the main focus anymore. (Peace out old world mentality)⁣

Nevertheless, within your journey back to your Deep Core Self (which is Timelessly here), false light teachers can and may appear. Temptations can be everywhere, making you suck your consciousness into petty things like more money instead of more love! But what will you do with your money when it all ends up being vapor in the end? Therefore, it’s wise to resurrect and bring forth a world (consciousness) where there’s equality, prosperity, and love for all rooted in Clear Conscious Presence. ⁣

Truly, friends, I’d rather use the law of attraction to magnetize a whole new world where money isn’t the focal point but conscious love, play, and community empowerment are.⁣

Imagine a world where we put the love for our own hearts and families before the love of the dollar bill.⁣


I AM. ⁣

Photo: Lila, my sweet Angel.


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