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Are You Aware of Your Role?

Some of us came to be space holders, meaning passive roles as presence— just being the witnessing consciousness.⁣

And some of us came to transform the matrix or dimensional experience with active roles promoting change and acceleration for the common good of all.⁣

Both roles are ‘God,’ and both are equally valid, but you will know by the very makeup of your Avatar which role you are here for. ⁣

For example, I began my path with Eastern teachings, lots of detachment, and witnessing consciousness, “no doer and no one to do it,” ya know? Of course, the Eastern teachings are beautiful but deep in the cells of my body, I knew that something was missing, at least for this character. ⁣I had a wellspring of creative energy that would pull through my body, but the idea that I should sit and be still or not take action didn’t make any sense. ⁣

Also, the Eastern teachings have no room for “free will,” and it’s not even in their vocabulary. This led me to my own scientific observation and experimentation with my body-mind complex, which showed me through trial and error that I AM indeed the Absolute Consciousness. I AM creating with every thought and feeling, and I have WILL. Not FREE WILL because ‘free’ implies I can do anything at any moment, like deciding not to write about consciousness anymore.⁣

HA! Yeah, right!⁣

So, let me break down what I mean by ‘will.’ Will is the life force and power connected to your core intention before you are incarnated as the character you’re appearing as. You do not remember creating the character you appear as because you didn’t have a human mind when you designed it. Your intuition, which is Infinite Consciousness, will confirm this to you through FEELING. ⁣

In another way, we could say ‘alignment’ instead of Will. And your whole dream journey is about you getting into alignment with that core intention before you seemingly “fell from grace.” For me, that core intention was assisting humanity in shifting consciousness from an outdated, archaic system to a benevolent and more empowered one that moves through Heart Power and Intuitive Knowing. ⁣

You, too, will realize what you were designed for through the stillness of the conditioned mind and by allowing the depths of yourself as Source to bubble up through the silence as inspirational knowing. ⁣

Of course, knowing isn’t enough; you must act on what is told to you in your deep meditation. That means you will have to align your mind and your body (thoughts & feelings) with the depths of the Infinite Sol — and to be clear, there is only One Sol in all appearing bodies.⁣

That is why when you are truly awake, you understand that what you put out is what you get back, and how you treat another is how you treat yourself because the whole appearance is yourself. And you will not feel fulfilled until you align with selfless love – which means conscious love. Because that’s your Real nature.⁣

But please be patient with yourself, meaning your body/mind. It’s a manifestation of Gaia, and Gaia is evolving. Which means you will have to play the role of evolution yourself. But do not get confused. Never forget the part of you that is unmoved and unchanging. It is your lifeline to the deep nourishment of All That Is before you appeared as a body. ⁣

In short, if the body, mind, and world start to quake, give yourself a break. Dive into the stillness, realign, and fucking shine!⁣

I love you, and I bless you, ⁣



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