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Your Body Is Not The Problem Your Beliefs Are—Go Beyond!

Your body is not the problem⁣

Your belief about it is⁣

Your ego is not the problem⁣

Your belief about it is⁣

Your mind is not the problem⁣

Your belief about it is⁣

Do you see that all apparent issues arise from your belief or story around What Is? ⁣

But tell me, what’s left when you take away the story, the belief, the thought?⁣


And that’s the whole awakening! Realizing Nothing Is. ⁣

You are Nothing ⁣

Thoughts are Nothing⁣

Emotions are Nothing ⁣

Nothing but fleeting experiences/energy flickering in and out of the matrix we call consciousness. ⁣

And these thoughts/emotions only seem to be problems with huge energy fields when we assign our Immaculate Power and Awareness, to the thought, the word, or the emotion. Then and only then do we seem to create a world out of our own consciousness/being and gift it power through our conception. ⁣

Wowee! Do you see?!⁣

You are powerful enough to say all of this is so important, and I must stress!⁣

You are also powerful enough to see this archaic fight or flight belief and collapse it with the Light of Your Awareness.⁣

But don’t wait! BE the energy you seek now!⁣

Or do you need a Gurus permission?⁣


You’re the Guru!⁣

So rest in your heart and FLY!⁣


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