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Flowers willing die and drop their seeds just to be reborn again.⁣

You, as a human, drop seeds by your way of thinking, feeling, and imagining. And in this way, you take on new shapes out of your own essence. ⁣

This is illustrated beautifully by the alchemist symbol, the Ouroboros, which depicts a snake eating its own tail. This reveals to you that you never die as the Light of Consciousness, but you are always seeding seeds for the next generation of yourself. The next generation is not separate from you; it is you “in your next life,” which essentially is the One Life Force experiencing itself in endless ways and shapes.⁣

Therefore, Realize an Awakened Consciousness is not lazy or apathetic. It understands that what goes around comes around, and what I seed in the ground as my body and mind will seed the next generation in The Dream of Time.⁣

Therefore, BE what you want to SEE, and your world will morph into your State of Being.



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