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You don't have to convince or explain anything to anyone for you to rock your freedom and authenticity.⁣

Just keep quiet and allow your magnificent energy to do the talking.⁣

Besides, you're not trying to convince them— you are trying to convince yourself. 😉⁣

But the jokes are on you— because there is no "them." ⁣

"Them" arises as an appearance of the Self, for the Self to come back to itself for what we coin "Self-Realization."⁣

Or, in other words: The One becomes aware of itself as the character called you and all the other myriads of expressions arising in this Divine Dance.⁣

Pretty cool, huh?!⁣

So, you can argue with the mirage and try to get others to agree, which is really you trying to get you to agree. ⁣

Or you can be relentlessly you no matter how Taboo!⁣

Why? Because Life LOVES Being You!⁣

So feel free to rock it unapologetically!⁣


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