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Make Love To Life! 💋♾️

The human mind has been trained to wait.⁣

To wait on luck⁣

To wait on love⁣

To wait on pleasure⁣

To wait on joy⁣

But waiting implies that time is real and that you aren't already what you want to be!⁣

But hold the phone!⁣

You are INFINITE, TIMELESS, & IMMORTAL, appearing as the dream of finite mortal time.⁣


RISE UP! And dust off those knees from praying to imaginary external gods & saviors and take a good and hard look in the mirror. That face staring back is the grace of the faceless Self appearing as you. ⁣

Which means: there is no real separation. ⁣

So you can deny your human aspect all day long, but as you deny, you die in your sin of missing the mark.⁣

And the mark you are missing?⁣

Your epic & exquisite Self!⁣

Yes, YOU are the ‘X’ that marks the spot! And the treasure is beating in your chest!⁣

Therefore, don't be a beggar, nor a bench warmer, and wonder why life is sucking. ⁣

Honor yourself, rock yourself, and the whole damn view will change.⁣

For your view is your consciousness. ⁣

So, go on! Make love to life, and life will make love to you!⁣ 💋


The Heart⁣


f you enjoy these reflections and would like to donate to my work, you can do so here. Thank you! I love you!


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