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Go Formless ✨

⁣When you are lost in identity, believing you are your thoughts and imaginings, it's easy to create a world filled with suffering and unease. But when you begin to watch your mind from the neutral space of formless awareness, you will see how you structured your holographic world through unconscious thought and feeling.⁣ ⁣

Recognizing yourself as the Source, The Projector, and the Substratum of All, you can quickly drop fights, comparisons, and beliefs rooted in separation. For these types of things can only be found in the dream of time—the dream of mind! And the mind can only fight the mind. ⁣

Therefore, GO FORMLESS.⁣

Now, when I say: “go formless,” I am not suggesting a becoming or an action step, but rather it’s pulling back and recognizing what is already awake and perfect as the faceless and formless seer. It’s noticing the noticer – observing the observer, and it’s not allowing the attention to be pulled outside of yourself—which is just a habit anyways. ⁣

Therefore, remain, abide, and FALL IN LOVE with yourself as the watchtower of awareness, and the goblins and ghouls that appear as the mind will flee in your Presence. For you are the light of God appearing as a human. ⁣

How else do you think this world appears?⁣


Your Self⁣



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