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Focus Through The Heart

Timeless Awareness is like a cloud-based system that holds all the information known to Infinity, and you can access and download this information into your Avatar by being consciously aware of its existence and focusing your life force through the Sacred Heart, which acts as an amplifier and doorway to this information or light.

But how to do that? Well, how do you focus on anything? Bring your crystal clear attention onto yourself—the Witnessing Presence and guide your life force into the center of your chest and steady your energy there. As you steady your energy there, breath into this center until you feel the opening of appreciation or gratitude.

Do not waver!

Resistance and negative thoughts are bound to pop up because you are stepping into sovereignty and taking back your free will.


And as you move through the worldly atmosphere of the personal self with all its beliefs, habits, and complainings, you will eventually realize an atmosphere of spaciousness that no longer has the gravitational pull of your personal earth, your personal mind. And as you step out of the unconscious mind and into the Sacred Heart, you are no longer bound to the old ways or paradigms. You Realize in the depth of the spacious heart that your character is merely a tool through which your Infinite Consciousness is expressed. And if we desire to realize and embody a greater depth of ourselves, we must slow down and anchor our Life Force into the mainframe of existence.

The Sacred Heart.

Because this is where it ends and where it begins.

In the Heart of Being—In the Heart of Creation itself.

With Love and Honor,



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