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Creator, Destroyer, Preserver!

You are the creator, preserver, and destroyer of all you see and experience, and you are creating through your electromagnetic field, which consists of all you think, feel, and imagine. ⁣

“Creating” really means receiving because creation is finished. You are only opening up and aligning with the frequency you wish to see, which gifts the optical illusion of becoming and evolving. ⁣🌀

This is great because it means you don’t have to go outside of yourself FOR ANYTHING. And technically, there is no “outside” the outside is your inside. Therefore, remain poised as the eye of the hurricane (formless awareness) and guide your avatar into more expanded versions of yourself by dropping your awareness into the heart space and allowing the feelings of genuine love and gratitude to flow through your body vehicle. This teaches the body that YOU are the Master (unconditioned consciousness) and not the other way around.⁣

With Love,

Anna 💕


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