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Awareness Must Be Greater

The world you call real and solid before you is an echo of your Consciousness. Consciousness is everything seen and unseen, including the subtlety of your thoughts and emotions.

Your thoughts and emotions are like keys on a piano designed to orchestrate a harmonic. So it is not the keys to blame for the sound distortion—It's the pianist. In other words, YOU! The Light of Consciousness is the one placing your fingers/Awareness on the keys and creating a song that makes you want to sing with glee, or you are producing a piece that makes you want to flee, flee, fucking flee!

So what to do if your tune is distorted?

STOP TOUCHING THE KEYS! Detach back into breath and ride that stallion down into your heart space. Choosing to anchor your Awareness in the heart while focusing/feeling on gratitude and appreciation is like a Master key for you, the pianist of Consciousness. Because when you consciously root your life force into high vibrational feelings, the world around you reflects that song.

And with Grace and Maturity, you will realize there are only two choices:

Live unconsciously through the mind as a victim or Live Consciously NOW in the Presence of an Open Heart.

Where will you start?

For this is your composition.

See you in the melody!



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