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Your Life Is an Extension of Your Breath

Your breath and body are your bread and butter. Without it, you can't maneuver through the playground of consciousness. Yet lo and behold, the breath and the body are also consciousness appearing as the sacred geometry you call yourself. But let’s get clear on what consciousness is from the limited point of view of the finite mind, which paradoxically is infinity speaking to itself about its Self. ☺️⁣

What we call consciousness is dancing energy—breath—or light intelligence that uses itself for an experience in time. The experience in time is not real, linear, or concrete like the mind or belief systems would like you to think. It's very similar to a dream at night—real and unreal. In other words, everything arising is a mere hologram for Oneness to play and reign! ⁣ ⁣

Of course, "at first," Oneness shoves itself into a box, believing entirely in the nametags, costumes, cultures, bibles, rule books, etc. Why? Because to have what feels like a real experience, it has to be highly convincing, and oneness has to lose itself and all its wisdom (only seemingly), so it can play in a limited/personal energetic story/experience. But eventually, the box gets too tight, and something within intuitively knows I am so much more and so much less than all of this! ⁣

Something within knows its eternal nature. ⁣

Something within knows AND IS AWARE of what this is.⁣

Something within knows without the need for validation. ⁣

That knower is you.⁣

And when I say "know," it's a knowing without the need for thought. It's a knowing with a whole body ✨YES!✨⁣

Again, this is why the breath and the body are so powerful. If you deny these aspects of Self or consciousness, you’re cutting off your magic, power, and ancient wisdom because your life is an extension of your breath—of Spirit. Hence, the English term "Inspiration" which means to be creative, but it also means the drawing in of breath.⁣

So my love, how is your breath? ⁣

Are you aware of its cadence and power?⁣

My rule of thumb is always this: if you’re not aware of your breath, then you’re not aware of awareness (Self). And without awareness, you have no power or agency. ⁣Therefore, don’t let the holographic representation of an anxious breath decide your fate. Simply notice your breath and let that natural noticing deepen. From that space of seeing, the energy of awareness gets activated, and that wild, free, and confident seer will change your world for the better.

⁣ For you and your world are One!⁣

Therefore, own your sovereignty as awareness, or an unconscious world will do it for you!⁣ Of course, never take my word for it! Show yourself your power, and the mind will seize to fight its own ignorance.⁣

I love you because I am you.⁣



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