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You Do Not Need to Heal Yourself Before You Reveal Yourself.

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

It is a common myth and misconception that one must enter a rigorous spiritual path of endless layers of healing before one can reveal their organic nature as unconditional love or boundless energy. This misconception stems from the belief in "the fall." Most, if not all, religious and spiritual institutions are wrapped around the finger of sin—right, wrong, good, bad & the deep-seated belief of unworthiness. This philosophy and theory only exist within man's consciousness. Man created Gods, and rule books, because of the seemingly real sensation, of a contracted energy called "I am a real person, and I am really lost." And from this sensation called Personal Identity or ME, the chase, the journey of "I want to be free" begins. So it seems...

But who wants to be free? It's always the energy of me, but the me is the dream! They are ONE. And in that vein, the me and it's search for God, or whatever we want to call What Simply Is, can never find what it seeks. Why? Because the sense of me veils it by going to look for it. Do you sense the futility?

Everything is already complete and in plain sight, but the insatiable itch of personal identity won't allow THIS to be it. It's way too arrogant in it's knowing of what this is. This knowing is a chokehold on your natural spontaneity. But listen, Love, this is everything and no-thing appearing real and continuous. It is all vibrant, alive energy appearing as a person, a problem, an emotion, a thought, a breakdown, or a breakthrough. My God! Everything is THAT! Always! But when the sense of me is strong, so is the duality song.

And maybe this question arises–"well, how do I get rid of the feeling of separation?"

You don't. The one who asks the question is the one who seeks, and therefore there can be no advice to that. Any advice would be in a subject-object form, which denies the non-dual pointing that there is no separate self with free-will and choice. There is only THIS, and this is what so many call God or All That Is. But I would also like to add or rather omit that it is All That Is and Is Not. Because everything is an appearance that is real and unreal, here and not here, happening and not happening—simultaneously. The "closest" thing to this pointing would be the atom, which is empty at its core. It's merely vibrating ether.

And what are you made of Belove? Atoms. Dancing ether taking shape as a person reading these words on a phone made of absolutely nothing. All of THIS IS WONDERFULLY NOTHING Appearing as something. And herein lies the freedom that is always present and singing to us in every perceived moment.

But who knows this? No one. It's an intuitive recognition by absolutely nothing and, therefore, everything. My love, you are this Mystery that cannot be taught, shared, or defined. You are what we call DIVINE. And even that word can't say who and what you really are. :)

With Unconditional Love and Reverence,



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Aug 21, 2020

Thanks again. Not sure why the timing but again perfect. Feel like I’m being lead into this awareness I’ve sort for so long only to see it was always there and requires nothing apart from embracing.


My mind was blown in reading the modern offering and quite esoteric book, "Lord Buddha's Explanation of the Universe" by Lawrence Reiter. The explanations of how the "Nothing" seemingly is apprehended as "Something" begins with vibrations at 3 trillion cycles per second. The layers of influence are immense and intricate, begin generated by the mental impressions of the drop soul.

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