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You Are The God, The Guru, The Free Agency Unto Your Experience.

You may have a daydream that enemies surround you from every angle, but the joke is on you! You are your only enemy!⁣

The "enemy" that arises in the mind (thoughts, imagination, beliefs) will always be reflected in the mirror of time, aka your life. This cant be seen when you as awareness is engulfed in story and sensation, but when you are lucid within the dream, it's quite obvious what a ruckus the limiting stories have generated.⁣

So my beautiful friend, if you're done chasing your own tail and playing small, feel free to ask yourself these questions:⁣

♥︎ Am I done feeding into limiting stories that are detrimental to my character?⁣

♥︎ Am I done feeling powerless?⁣

♥︎ And am I done waiting on freedom and enlightenment?⁣

If you answered 'YES' to any of these questions, FANTASTIC! You don't have to wait! Because you are the god, the guru, the free agency unto your experience but only as awareness!⁣

And here's the cool, powerful, and trippy thing: if you tell life you need more time, it will generate a holographic reality where you have a long, winding road with an endless amount of time to find the power you already are. But when you STOP AND NOTICE THAT YOU ALREADY ARE AWARE, AWAKE, AND POWERFUL, life bends to that energetic statement and command.⁣


⚡ With awareness comes freedom from thought and, therefore, stories.⁣

⚡ With awareness comes the natural ability to see and therefore choose.⁣

⚡ With awareness comes liberation and the freedom to act authentically.⁣

⚡ With awareness comes natural healing, confidence, and compassion.⁣

⚡ With awareness comes a natural "Fuck It" to live life on your terms.⁣

But where is awareness or this "God Spark" located? Well, everywhere and nowhere simultaneously, but right now, it's peeping through your eyes, waiting for you to claim your rightful throne not as a beggar but as a royal.⁣

But no one can do this for ya, kid. Only you, and you alone, can claim what was always yours.⁣

With Love,


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