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What Is

Where do you begin when there is no beginning? This is it. Everything is held within this perceived moment, and just as these words appear on the screen, so does reality seem to appear now. But there is no now there is only What Is and What Is is what so many coin god or heaven. But What Is does not care, nor does it judge what you call it, for it simply is without limitations or attachments— it is and is not. It is pure anarchy appearing orderly. It is pure light appearing multifaceted, and it is infinite intelligence playing "dumb." All of this is wonderfully nothing and orgasmically everything! My god! Everything is that which we call The Absolute! The device your holding, your breath, your body—YOU! Everything is that! And yet simultaneously, not. Yes, yes, yes, I know. How can you be it? How can you be heaven? I can hear the voice of the person now: "Isn't heaven some neato place up in the sky with angels and shit? And don't I need to behave well and correct my karma to enter?" *insert yawn* Oh man, archaic BS stories spoonfed to the perceived masses. All fables we keep passing around the table and these fables aren't wrong, but they are a complete dream which only feeds the illusory sense of separation called "ME."

In a nutshell, loves, there are no rules, rubrics, or processes to THIS. All processes and regulations only serve to exhaust and deplete the needy seeker from its illusory prison cell made up of hand me down beliefs. Therefore, this whole mirage of personal identity can end in the twinkling of an eye because it never actually began. How does one end something that never was? An annoying paradox for the person, a delightful joke for Isness. :)

With Whimsy,



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