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We Can’t All Wear Sweater Vests and Mala Beads! Buck The Stereotypes!

When One is having the experience of separation, we look "outside" to "famous figures," usually who have many followers and books, and we kneel to these faces as if they know what's best, what's right, and what's truthful for us.⁣

But that's the game of hide and seek! That's the game of "let me deny myself and give my power away to someone enlightened, who has reached the highest consciousness."⁣

YAWN, Aren't you bored?! Aren't you tired of the merry-go-round that isn't so merry?⁣

Aren't you sick of staring at masters, gurus, and teachers who "know" more than you?⁣

Wonderfully so, something within already knows the absolute nonsense of following the leader to enlightenment.⁣

Something within already knows the lies and demise of guru and disciple or savior and sinner. ⁣


Within the story of time and humanity, there seems to be a quickening and amping up of the intuitive recognition that we already are that which we seek.⁣

Oh, boy, what do I mean?⁣

There is no need for a middle man!⁣

IN FACT, You never needed a middle man! Unless you're trying to buy a bag of pot in an illegal state! Lol⁣

All jokes aside, you are god, the divine, the almighty mystery, light, presence, whatever the fudging fudge you want to call it—IT ALREADY IS.⁣

Here and not

Real and unreal⁣

Form and formless⁣

Ego and egoless⁣



I speak to the wild and unborn Organic Self. ⁣

Do you hear?⁣

For those who can—pick up the phone!⁣

Ring! Ring!⁣

Nobody's home!⁣

📞 ⚡️⁣

*All of these words are reflections from the One Essence and are not localized to just "Anna." See each word as a mirror reflecting the timeless self that is always here and now appearing as everything and simultaneously nothing. If you enjoy these words and any content that is shared, please feel free to donate to keep the music and dance going—nowhere!



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