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Wakey Wakey

The whole spiritual path (dream) is based on the belief that you have free will and choice to bring forth a thing called heaven or paradise. This arrogance of the human is not recognized until the whole seeking energy has collapsed. Verily, is it not pompous to believe that it’s up to you to bring forth that which already is and always will be? It’s amazing what seems to be revealed when one no longer harasses life with their dreamy personal projections.

Wakey, wakey,



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Dear Anna, can't thank you enough for your message, for your vids on YT. Your message is so precious fresh and cool, life saving :) Truely a gift. I'm through very rough moment in my life, I often keep listen you, it helps a lot...Thank you so much. Meg


🙏🏼🌻😀 >>> :)

💛 // This is also very interesting: The poem "The last why" sheds some light, why cultural fights happen & how we can find PEACE in just BE :)


Okay, i just rewatched also your video "Don't worry just BE" 🌻 (

And i deeply deeply wished, that i really simply can BE, within this world🌳

because i totally embrace what you are Saying,

it could be even me saying that. 😊🙏🏼🌻

if you just observe, then of course, you can live in inner PEACE 🕊

which is beautiful!💛

NOW, my idea is as follows: Maybe we can BE Both?

not being affected internally anymore by this 'earthly game'

but still seing the need to protect those beings, who are not that lucky to choose that...🙏🏼


Anna's inspirational messages are a true blessing. And, if you've seen her on Youtube, her countenance radiates the truth and beauty of her message.

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