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Waiting for Your Power and Freedom Is Like Waiting for Jesus—It Ain’t Coming.

When you have a belief that you have to wait for your power and freedom, you’ll be waiting a hell of a long time. ⁣


Because time is not real! It is a projection of your consciousness! So, when you say: "I’ll wait until the next full moon, for Jesus, the next retreat," or whatever your disempowering story is—you’re literally putting aside your divine sovereignty to play the holographic/energetic game of :⁣

"I’m not there yet." ⁣

"But I have no choice."⁣

"Who’s the I or the ME to claim this?"⁣

"But I have darkness!"⁣

Aye! Aye! Aye! Sweet lord of love! You are the Source! The Buddha! The God Head! The Energetic Mystery appearing as a super cool human for a bit! ⁣

But this can’t be seen unless—⁣


With awareness comes a deepening of this intuitive sense of what and who you are. But I’ll tell you right now: If you reject your body, mind, or personality, you will literally kick yourself out of Heaven.⁣

Of course, only seemingly. For this is your holographic dance and dream!

But my love, the question is, are you lucid?⁣

Snap out of the haze with your powerful gaze. ⁣


Your friend, your Self—Anna⁣

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