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Tune To Your Divine Self 📻♡

Like a radio, you can change the station of your life, but it’s not from the station's perspective but from the One Observing it.⁣

Unlike this radio dial in my car, your dial is your inner feelings and imaginings. And you can only have conscious access to your inner feelings and imaginings if you understand that your consciousness is God and that every thought, word, and action is like fingers typing on a typewriter the story that is your life.⁣

In other words: your consciousness is the reason for the joy and suffering in your life. And as Lucid Awareness, we naturally embrace it all and alchemize what doesn't serve. Because what One comes to realize is that life is a dreamy song—beautiful or shitty. And it all depends on how deeply you have met your Self and are willing to use your Divine gifts. ⁣

So my powerful & beautiful friend, if you desire to wipe the stress away, BE PRESENT, LOVE YOURSELF, and OBSERVE the contents of your consciousness, and you will know what you have energetically sown.⁣

Sincerely, ⁣

The Lover Within ♡⁣


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