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Trust and Worship Yourself 👑👁️

There is nothing to trust or worship but yourself.⁣

And from the sleepy human consciousness, that statement sounds arrogant and selfish. ⁣

However, if you understand the laws of creation, it’s obvious that until you value, respect, and adore yourself, the world around you can not and will not reflect that back. ⁣

Why is that?⁣

The world is not separate from you. IT IS YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS, gifting back all you believe about yourself and your world. ⁣

Ergo, return to the eye of the hurricane – The Light of Awareness and begin speaking powerfully and lovingly to yourself and everything in view. ⁣

With persistence and conviction, the world will stand at attention, for The Lord Has Risen out of the ashes of mental despondency.⁣




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