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There Is No You

No one can teach you how to live because there is no you.

A strange statement seemingly, but isn't it arrogant to think we need someone to teach us how to live? Do birds need to be taught? Do fish, frogs, or tulips? No. Because there is no separate sense of self in nature except for the human being, which lives by a false image of itself. This image the human lives by takes loads of maintenance and monitoring because it's illusory.

It's also false that the dreamer can wake itself up. That's saying an optical illusion can actually take action and make real shifts. How can an optical illusion that is only appearing as an effect from light do anything? That's like asking dust dancing in sunbeams to disappear—get outta here!

There is no you and no one here at all except infinite, free, ALIVE energy. What you call you is a contracted energy in the body that tells you, "I AM, I EXIST, AND THIS IS REAL" it also has a hefty charge of "something is missing, and I am yet to be part of the whole."

Hence, why the spiritual market place began! (seemingly)

Maybe you've heard this line: "oh! You don't know who you are?! Aha! Let me show you how to become enlightened with my 5-step program or healing modality!"

Sound familiar?

It's funny, enlightenment, and awakening is sold like a Hollywood blockbuster at a strip mall. Dry, completely diluted with mind and personal conditioning. These teachers are missing one crucial factor—there is no you. But they communicate to you as if separation is real and that you as the one who appears separate can change that.

Side note: I am not saying modalities are wrong because there is no right or wrong (that's dualities song). All I am suggesting is that spiritual gymnastics doesn't bring you closer to What Is—WHOLENESS.

Everything IS wholeness or infinite energy appearing as this movie called Life. You don't need to try to become enlightened because there is only enlightenment! Only LIGHT! But if you are chasing certain states of consciousness or trying to become emotionless or thoughtless, enjoy that crazy train because thoughts are the Beloved, emotions are the Beloved, sadness is the Beloved, and joy is the Beloved.

The whole dang spectrum is the Beloved!

EVERYTHING IS ALREADY AS IT IS—WHOLE! What we call Heaven! But your intense trying is buying you illusory time in Person Prison. Wich is only a dream that disappears on no-ones time.

This whole message cannot be understood or grasped. The ME can never hear this because this message points to its death. If this message resonates, it's because something else hears this that isn't wrapped up in being a person. What is that, that resonates?

No-Thing. What we call God but God is just another limitation.

Go beyond words and you'll discover nothing, and simultaneously, you will unveil THE FULLNESS OF LIFE without personal meaning.

What joy for no one.


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