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There Is No Ego. Welcome To The Shift In Consciousness.

Hello, Dear Brothers and Sisters,⁣

Today, I would like to take a moment to write about the idea and concept called "ego" and how this idea can bind you into the belief and mirage that something else is controlling you other than your own assumptions. ⁣

But let's clear the air and talk to the part of you that already knows. So, as you read these words, try not to understand mentally but FEEL and SENSE the energetics of the words of what I am transmitting through the screen.⁣

Here we go:⁣

There is only Consciousness or God vibrating at different speeds or bandwidths. So when you see "the world," what you are really seeing is Consciousness vibrating into different arrangments based on the assumption it has of itself. Therefore, when you are realized, you can see all the arrangements or conditioning, but it's intuitively understood that this is all a cosmic play. Underneath the costumes is a void of potential—a nameless, faceless I AM that appears as every reader and blade of grass. And YOU, my love, are that I AM, but it can only be realized and sensed in a silent mind where there is observation, no thought. Then and only then can you intuitively feel that you are the Light of Awareness—THE LIGHT OF THIS WORLD. ⁣

Now, A silent mind does not mean we run away from thought; rather, we reform thought from the vantage point of our Spacious Eagle Eye. Because thought is a tool for experience, we can transform our avatar into a more transparent and expansive prism that creates a harmonious refraction that appears as "our world." Without the Light of Awareness, we default to dualistic paradigms like "I have an ego, and it's bad!" Yup, it's not a fun place to traverse. Because it's the epitome of duality and creating enemies where there is none. ⁣

Hence, "ego" is another trap. "Ego" is a concept, and all concepts, when believed in, become IMMACULATE CONCEPTIONS. In other words, you will conceive your idea and give birth to it as your world of form. But, of course, you must gestate it in the womb of your Consciousness, which appears as imagining, feeling, and thinking.⁣

So, realize deeply that you do not need anything outside of you to give birth to Heaven or Hell. It's truly the story you tell with your whole body.⁣

Therefore, be still and know that I AM is your conscious awareness of being. (Psalm 46:10)⁣

Buy what are you Being and therefore Beaming?⁣


In Love and Service,⁣



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