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The Joy of Being

There is only this, and this is what so many want to call God.

Welcome home to the placeless place,



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Dec 20, 2020

I love how our wholeness is established Always, and it's our lunatic/unhealed/separated/mad/insane/judgemental/wounded/traumatised (I use these terms with lighthearted earnestness :-) ) minds that must arrive at this eternal and unchanging truth. Imagine that...decades of thrashing around in pursuit of something we've had all along...kinda like looking for the iphone you are actually speaking on right now lol.


Parallels: Portrayal and "seemingly so", or an unconvincing appearance - that's the quality being referenced and connected back to egoic consciousness.


The comment was in the context of the ego falling away, I referenced your post because both the original post and your post referred to that. The point of reference is simply "fall", your post is referenced only because it referenced that point again. If you want to take a TV commercial literally and use that context instead of this one I can see how that could be offensive. I was referencing the *portrayal* and not any actual fall, after all a commercial is a fictional portrayal as is most things on television. **The key element here is the portrayal is not realistic in that it is a line being read matter-of-factly, it doesn't have to do with the fact…


PPP3's comment reminds me of this old TV commercial "I've fallen, and I can't get up!" Could be the title of an awakening blog...


Anna continues to help me with my focus. My acquisitive nature wants to "get" something. But Anna has shared the counterintuitive truth that it's the "falling away of the one who's trying" to get.

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