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The Gift of Life Is You, My Love.

Many of us were taught to deny the body, the character, the personality, and that which we call form. But my loves, form is the formless manifested as a gift to itself for no other reason than the joy of being this appearance called "you." And so I sense this old school term "ego" will soon be laid in the dust because it's utterly confusing, and it has become the new devil on the spiritual path. And as long as we have an antithesis or an opposer, we will have a heaven and a hell, a sinner and a saint, a good and a bad and a better or a worse. But if we take a look at the root origin of ego, it's Latin meaning is "I," but this "I" is also the roman numeral one.

So what am I suggesting? There is no separate evildoer called ego or I. There's only the beloved, magical mystery appearing as these words, as the character reading them and everything you see and don't see.

In short, there were never two, and there is no splinter of self that needs to be removed.

There is only this. Call it God, call it love, call it as you will. But the ending you seek is the end of denying yourself the gift of yourself.

From love to love itself,



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