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The Body is the Final Frontier on Storybook Earth

Too many teachings of non-duality deny the body and form, and it's half-assed and from a masculine perspective.

Let me shake the status quo in these circles and remind One that the body is a manifestation of light and a beautiful symphony of energy composing into a character called you.

We can adore the flowers, the bees, and the magnificent trees, but why do we not delight in splendor at our own ravines, mountains, and valleys called the body?

The cusps, the curves, the dips, and the wrinkles are like the flowing landscapes of Earth.

We are Earth

We are everything

From the farthest galaxies to the minute structure of a spacey atom.

To deny form is to deny formlessness

When will One see that everything is the wild and tameless sea?

Rage with me

Dance with me

In an ecstasy of our own Divine design

I am your heart, and you are mine

I simply write to myself, for myself,

For there is only One reflecting in infinite directions pointing to this directionless joy.

Enjoy it or not

This is all there is manifesting as you and your body.

The body of One and None.



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