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Sovereignty 🦋

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Sovereignty means choice. REAL CHOICE. And we can only be sovereign when we are being ourselves naturally, and we can only be ourselves naturally as awareness—the timeless seer. ⁣

From this space of natural seeing, the body energetically starts to reformat into a higher energetic pattern without you needing to do a mantra, a mudra, or any type of mental exercise. This is the gift of our timeless essence, which is appearing now to reformat the body for its full expression.⁣

Yes, on the relative level, which is simultaneously the Absolute, the body does go through an evolution where it becomes less dense, less neurotic, less robot-like, and more open, receptive, and spontaneous to its own natural rhythm and flow. Yes, yes, every character that the light is manifesting as has its own geometry, its own flavor, and "road map," so to speak. This is why when we are naturally ourselves, comparison drops, and so does the need to be different or "be like them." ⁣

Similar to an orchestra, the clarinets are not reading the same notes as the flutes, and the percussion is not reading the same notes as the trumpets; each instrument has its music to follow to create the symphony. And it's only the breath of God, the breath of Awareness, the breath of the Timeless You that can see this musical masterpiece through. ⁣

And where is the timeless you? It's reading these words. It just may be mixed up with some mental activity like thought, comparison, imagination, or trying to "get it."⁣

But you can't get this mentally—only intuitively. ⁣

So I invite you back into your body, your breath, and that which is arising now, whether it's comfortable or uncomfortable, because your only choice is in the light of awareness.⁣

And if what's arising is painful —be curious! What happens when you just embrace and look at the emotions arising? Do you get burned, or do they turn into light when you look at them with awareness?⁣

Please don't take my word for it. Be the living word and show yourself just how magical, simple, and powerful just being yourself can be. Your only choice is now. Your only choice is in the light of timeless awareness.⁣

So stop looking for it and just be it! ⁣

For our natural essence isn’t so much about thinking but more about feeling. This is the organic, natural, and primordial way of Being.⁣

And you are that now. ⁣

With deep reverence,⁣



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