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Ripe or Unripe 🍎

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

You cannot force an organic process of ripening to fruition. You must be ready to be picked by the gardener (awareness), which paradoxically is you (the character). In other words,  you are the Sun born in man—The light that shines through the manifested world of form—The Fruit.

This recognition or ripening happens naturally when you are mature enough to recognize this. Jesus spoke about this as well, but when the Bible was translated from Aramaic, which was deeply poetic and metaphorical, to Greek and then to English, the words were translated literally, which shifted the meaning entirely.

In Aramaic, there is no word for "good" or "evil." The closest words in Aramaic are "ripe" and "unripe." This points to a profoundly NATURAL AND ORGANIC PROCESS that unfolds with the care of YOU, the Gardener (awareness). With awareness, there is love, respect, nourishment, and natural faith in the seed. But just because there is natural faith doesn’t mean there isn’t work.

Work or "doing" is a labor of love and is a natural byproduct of awareness. In other words, a true and humble gardener does not go outside and kick, complain and curse the weather or her grains or fruits. She knows that gardening is a tender process of patience, love, and nourishment: from the Gardner appearing as the human to the gardener manifesting as all the elemental forces of nature to allow the seed to spring.

Eventually, the fruit will ripen and be plucked or fall back to the ground to have another go around. For within form, one will bloom just to die and be reborn again. And the grains of the Earth will be reaped just to be planted again on repeat.

This is the rhythm and flow of form. Shedding your form will always be the norm. But never forget your powerful space as the epic Gardner— Awareness. But also stay humble, knowing that within form, there will always be a new unfolding process of birth, maturing, and decaying.

But what remains the same? The eternal light of awareness. Like the Sun, it’s what even allows you to see.

Therefore, give thanks, plant your seeds, and remember the needy little me was never meant to stay a seed.

So get up and rise, brothers and sisters. It's time to BLOOM!


The Infinite Gardener 👩‍🌾 🍎

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