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Your brain and, therefore, body are the prism that YOU, the perfect neutral light, shines through for an experience. But if the body is littered with lies, heavy beliefs, and self-hatred, how can you ever have the experience of Heaven? How can you ever fully know yourself as love, bliss, or anything higher vibe than dense human emotions?⁣

You can't.⁣

That's why this all boils down to loving yourself enough to step away from a sick and unconscious world so that you may negate the old ways of thinking/feeling and say "YES!" to Being a vessel for a whole new world! One rooted in empowerment, dignity, sovereignty, and genuine self-love!⁣

But this all starts with you and not anybody else because your world is your consciousness out pictured (as within so without). Therefore, you are always flirting and dancing with yourself, but if the dance moves are shitty, you must know that they can be shifted, and they are shifted by you turning yourself inward and TURNING UP THE LIGHT.⁣

In other words, be more conscious and aware of the thoughts and feelings you are groping and, therefore, embodying. And realize it's only you fondling these disempowering ideas that are then made manifest in the flesh. (John 1:14)⁣

Hence, the power of a silent mind and an open heart because then you will see you are generating the dream called "me" with every thought, feeling, and imagining. And the only way to be free is to Master the Piece from what's already Complete and Masterful—Timeless Awareness (observation, no thought). And from that void of the Source itself, you can be reborn again by meditating on the energetics you want to embody and, therefore, see more of.⁣

This is Mastery. Not spiritual warfare.⁣




P.S. If you are finished with the merry-go-round called the spiritual circus and would like a deeper space held for you, feel free to join the Private Patreon Sangha, where I host Satsangs monthly. There is no bullshit there, just love and empowerment—NOW.


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