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Reality’s Remote 📺

Your body, which is the Light of Consciousness appearing as a human, is similar to your television remote. It has the capability of selecting scenes, movies, and programs that are already created, and you choose them to be viewed on your TV, aka Dream Life, by the arrangements of your consciousness.⁣

In other words, your thoughts are the buttons, and your emotions are the batteries. Both combined are your POWER (or the lack thereof.)⁣

You see, this is why you can’t just think beautiful thoughts and expect your world to change. You can be a parrot all day long, but if your emotions don’t match your thoughts, you don’t shift anything on your TV/reality. This is why the body is of utmost importance and needs your loving awareness and care. It is your vehicle through the dance of consciousness. It’s also your transmitter and receiver of energy.⁣

But let's put this really, really, really simple: YOU ARE “GOD.” And God can realize itself within the Human form and, from that space of realization, can change the Human Dream from the inside out!⁣


But please, never take my word or anyone's word at face value. YOU need to apply what you read and watch, and then and only then, through your persistence and WILLINGNESS, will you see the direct experience of your glorious and powerful Self, which is what's here now reading these words. ⁣

Therefore, no need to move! Shift your mood consciously, and what you call your world will follow your lead like a shadow. For that's all the world is⁣




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