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It's important to understand that your body is of Earth and holds archaic and outdated beliefs and stories. Your Awareness is of the Stars (Pure Consciousness) and is the One that sees these beliefs and has the authority to clear and shift them into more empowering and uplifting narratives. Because what you will come to recognize in Self-Realization is that YOU are the Source, and life is a made-up fairytale or a horror shit show. It all depends on your stance, aka belief in consciousness. ⁣

Put simply: who or what do you think and FEEL yourself to be?⁣

Now listen in: The only way to shift your dream is to shift your consciousness. And the only way to shift your consciousness is to go formless and faceless as the void of Awareness itself. ⁣

And how do you access Awareness? It's what looking. Just remain as the subject and focus your light through the Prism that brings the most joy and fulfillment. For me, that is the Heart. ⁣

For we are the Alpha and the Omega – the first, and the last – the highest vibration and the lowest vibration. Choose wisely.


The Self Venerating the Self!⁣


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