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Have you ever taken notice of a powerline? How one pole strings seamlessly to the next, and its sole purpose is to supply energy? And like a powerline, if one pole goes down, it alters the integrity of the whole.

Now, maybe we can see characters or human bodies as this and all plant and animal life. Each blade of grass is a pole, each tree is a pole, each bird is a pole, and every human character is a pole, all stringing together and supporting each other –THE WHOLE.

Similar to electrical powerlines, energy is energy, but without the conduit of the powerlines, the energy cannot be expressed, shared, stored, or converted. In other words, formless energy (the void) needs and does appear as form (the fullness) for the purposeless purpose of playing the game of lights, camera, and action!

No lines, no lights.

No form, no world.

Light can only appear with the permission of form.

And formless power can only be granted in the keyhole of the human experience.

Within this dream of twoness, we inherently rely on each other and intrinsically are each other. Being human or "being two" is not something to escape, deny or something to transcend. Being human is where the breath of life hides, it's where the “divine” resides, and it's where oneness plays pretend and chooses sides.

So what?

Like kids who play hopscotch which has no real aim or meaning other than to hop about—so too does life appear as you!

"You" are the hop!

Hop, hop, hop,

And "You" are the powerline!






As a symphony of One and None!

To write any more words would be too heavy and distracting. These words are enough if only the earless ear hears!

So hear!



*All of these words are reflections from the One Essence and are not localized to just "Anna." See each word as a mirror reflecting the timeless self that is always here and now appearing as everything and simultaneously nothing. If you enjoy these words and any content that is shared, please feel free to donate to keep the music and dance going—nowhere!



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