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No Rules Just Unconditional Love (non-duality)

There are no rules, regulations, or rubrics for enlightenment. Suppose someone gives you a list of things to accomplish before you can enter heaven. In that case, you are playing in a dualistic dream where you believe the teacher knows more than you and can assist you in what already is—Wholeness.

I, in the story of Anna, studied under many pious ascension and enlightenment teachers. But they were just that—teachers. A subject/object relationship where the story is a teacher can lead students into what they already are—enlightened. You see, teachers are for learning NEW things; they are for EXPERIENCES, but our natural state (and I don't like to say state because it's not a state, but by golly, we have to use words to convey and point.) is already whole and complete. So It is utter arrogance to believe something outside of you, which is a complete mirage, can teach you what already is—totality or unconditional love appearing.

And friends, I can see why it's alluring to want to follow an enlightenment teacher because from the beginning of our apparent reality, we are taught to follow the leader, go to school, get good grades, go to college, get a good job, blah, blah, blah. We are introduced to KNOW and not to forget and always to STRIVE to do better. And yes, this is all beautiful if you're trying to learn the piano, a new sport, or how to operate a new phone, but when we are unveiling our true nature, there are no add-ons needed. There is nothing to learn. Anything added onto your natural state is like wearing a weighted vest running on a hot sandy beach—it fucking sucks! This heaviness is a load of insecurity that's worn in a dreamland called personal identity or me.

It's easy to overlook this trap of a path to enlightenment because it's very normal to reinforce separation and to reinforce the contracted belief that you are a real person, in real-time, with an actual destination called enlightenment. But it's all nonsense! Its a story, a play, a fable! And not a very fun one, I might add.

But I must share, that enlightenment isn't just about rainbows, kittens, and butterflies; it𝘴 life turned way the fuck on but without a "you" trying to manipulate, control, or understand what THIS is. Seeing through this fog of personal identity doesn't mean sadness, anger, or frustration won't appear. It's simply the apparent end of the one who neurotically tried to understand and fix whatever was arising.

You see, the personal self always has a standoff and a negotiation with life. Because the individual self ALWAYS feels separate; It's the dream, the veil, the elixir of unworthiness and insecurity. And this is why the person will hop from teaching to teaching because teachings of enlightenment feed the person. It feeds the dreamer; it fuels the desperate seeker. And there is nothing wrong with dream teachers and dream students because that too is wholeness appearing as that! But what is shared here is not a teaching, but more of a battle-ax throw into the very dis-ease that keeps you thirsty for more mantras, meditations, and spiritual gymnastics. Because you've always been home, my love, but recognizing this isn't done by the person; it's done by the 𝘰𝘯𝘦 who even allows a personal experience—the light, the unconditional love we call The Beloved, or God. However, id rather say formless energy that magically appears as everything and no-thing simultaneously. A mystery that truly cannot be named or tamed, only intuitively recognized by no-thing itself. And my love, THAT YOU ARE NOW. Whether you know it or not, because this is not about knowing, it's about the death or the loss of the one who thinks they know. And all that is left is unknowing but for no one.


Anna X

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love...blessings....gratitude ...❤


love blessings gratitude❤


A gift to thank you for being the one multidimensional who you are.

Written by James Mahu the creator of the website and data.

Awesome Quantusum novel into the link. 🙂

Enjoy ?


Oct 13, 2020



Ego dream...genetic memory...cellular memory (past lives and family tree)...learned behavior and many lifetimes of trauma as what you are programmed to think you are (self) and trauma as a Collective...we are relatively independent subTotalities...of the one...experiencing the Experience to gain wisdom For the next nexus or Conscious intelligent membrane...(universe)

Every thing is recorded we are in constant communication forwards and backwards simultaneously with the all that is...we need to remember and break down the illusion of ego...separation...connect consciously to the unconscious...The separation experiment is over this part of the great cycle that we are in is the journey back to unity which we have always been unconsciously.

I am as we all are...Unconditional love light never ending spirit having this…

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