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You'll never know who you are. For knowing is about awareness and consciousness, and those words are for the experience of "I." You may be scratching your head because awareness and consciousness are big buzz words on the spiritual path, but it's similar to how religions covet the word Soul or God. Get ready for hierarchies, and cults am I right? All jokes aside (sort of), id like to point out that awareness and consciousness are about knowing something which can only seem to happen in the multi-dimensional dream of consciousness. But the dream of consciousness is just an effect similar to a rainbow in the sky.

"How is a rainbow created?" you may ask.

Let's break it down: a white light hits a prism (in this case, a raindrop), and as this white light moves through the prism, it bends and reflects the light into wavelengths or frequencies, which seems to create the effect we call a rainbow. Like the multi-dimensional dream of consciousness, the neutral light of isness or that which we call the Absolute hits a prism (which is just energy generated out of itself), and it seems to create the appearance of All That Is. But what we call creation is only an appearance of this boundless, formless energy appearing as form.

Emptiness is fullness

Fullness is emptiness

This is the unknowable perfection that drives the illusory separate me wild. Because it can never see what we are pointing to here, if it does, it has to dissolve. Hence, why it LOVES Spiritual teachings and busywork that suggest knowing and attainment as part of enlightenment. This belief that enlightenment is a personal achievement keeps one distracted from what is always singing, dancing, and joyously confirming itself—The Absolute appearing as All.

What for? Who cares.

Throw that one to the wolves. They can fight over it.

For the one who has seen through these questions of "who, what, when, where, and why?" dwells within, and as the Spacious Sky.

With Whimsy,



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