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God Damn Dogma

Mmmm, yes, Dogma. You can't escape this if you take yourself to be a separate person with autonomy and free will.

But that's fantasy—mere dream.

There is no separate individual, and, therefore, no doer. So the ideas of ego, soul, angels, demons, past lives, future lives, Jesus, Krishna, Muhammad, whatever the story is

Is just that—a story.


Aren't you tired of these hand-me-down beliefs rooted in the illusion of time?

Of course, you are. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading these words, nor would you be seeking an end to yourself and the incessant dialogue of where to go, who to be, and what to achieve...

Oh, the list goes on




But what I write to and from knows this and doesn't need to be taught what to be.

It is itself naturally.

It's as easy and organic as breath.

Or as the beating of the heart.

Mmmm, we are all works of spontaneous art!

If there are ears to hear this, then toss those nonsensical ideas of enlightenment and spiritual evolution back to the wind they emerged from because YOU, yes YOU with your quirks and idiosyncrasies, are already Divine, already Whole, already what you seek.

But I know— the story of becoming something else or being broken with sin is much more enticing and attractive. But the One I write to, it grins, giggles, and knows...

I am home

I am perfect

I am absolutely organically what I am already!

My goodness! There's such a whimsy in simply Being without the need to become!

And of course, movement, change, and what looks like evolution seems to arise within this, but similar to a dream at night, it's not going anywhere, and it's not actually happening.

Again, it only seems to be.

Oh, friend, only the ideas of "I should be something else, and this should be something else" collapse.

And what's left?


Or, in other words, the Absolute kissing itself.




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