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No One Driving

Remember those coin-operated bad boys at the local grocery or department store? As a child, it always felt like I was really going somewhere and really moving! Little did I realize I had no control over the matter—just a kid lost in her imagination. Nonetheless, the same applies to this illusion of separation or personal identity—No one is driving anything! Only a mind can believe it's moving through time and has control over What Is.




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Anna, listened to your new post today on YouTube. So appreciate this AS-ING nature that IS embodying transparency. It IS rocking it on the farm girl!!💥😍


Well, only a mind can also believe it has no control, no choice and that it is not real! In fact, human beings cannot be witout beliefs. Remember, life is what you perceive it to be. Believing there is no " personal identity" is not much different to the belief in god, in science or any other ideology. It gives away power to some mental construct to justify ur own suffering. Every belief will have an impact. The belief that there " is no driver" is an utterly powerless appraoch and it will deny you ability to relate to humans, animals, nature. That what relates is the person.


I’ve been listening to your videos - thank you. I like them. What to make of the world? There is no time but then again there is a sequence of destruction and degradation. My body itself is in time. I am getting old and the climate is destabilizing. I step back I know I am not in control I rush to cling but then relax.


:-) Just stoping by to say thanks for your message.


Adults are sometimes freaking "dangerous".

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