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Awareness is God.

You are God (awareness), and awareness does create its dream experience —conscious or not. And until you recognize yourself as awareness, the amazing and magical faculties of imagination, feeling, and thought will be discarded as a burden. But they are only a burden because you have yet to understand your power and grace as Source itself.⁣

To understand your power & worth, you must be able to be alone with yourself. Which, of course, may be a challenge at first.⁣

Why? ⁣

Because you already have an unconscious assumption of yourself, and it usually isn't helpful or serving. Your assumptions come running to you as thoughts, feelings, emotions, and sensations. All these faculties scream: this is who you are! We were conditioned to believe this model! I Am this!⁣

And as you hear these commands, conscious or not, the body, which is the manifestation of God's word, follows the assumption. As it states in John 1:14: “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.”⁣

But you don’t actually need thought, feeling, or sensation to exist. All of these things need you to appear. ⁣

And who are you?⁣

God/Awareness! The formless mystery appearing as a body with a nametag in time.⁣

And when you, as Oneness, recognize yourself as awareness, it is only the genesis of a dream story unfolding in time. Because once you know what you are, then who you are becomes a costume—playdough. ⁣

Therefore, if you want a different play, you must trust these words and apply. Gift yourself space from the world, turn off the same old, same old, and sit with yourself! Stop running! If you keep running from yourself, you'll get more time to feel like shit.⁣

So be brave! Be courageous! And gift yourself space & silence, to notice what's already noticing. To see what's already awake, alive, and crazily playful! Gift yourself, Your Self, and watch what so many call miracles take place.⁣

For you and God are One. ⁣




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