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Hello Love,

My name is Anna, and I write and speak about the Mystery of Life. I do not like to pussyfoot around so let get straight down to brass tax without adding fluff or baggage! 

Having said that:

YOU ARE GOD, and God is all there is. God's active principle within the dream story of form is Awareness. Awareness is here now, looking through your eyes because IT IS YOUR EYES. 

Yes, my Love, you are Heaven in disguise!

So there is no real separation between the personal you and the impersonal you.

There is no real separation between formless Awareness and form.

And there is no real separation between God and Human. God appears as a Human, so it can realize it is God within the dream of time


So, yes, life is a dream! A dream that consciousness (God) is having of itself. And for this dream to become more illumined with your natural wisdom, grace, power, and authenticity, you must recognize yourself as Being Aware. From that spacious space, Awareness naturally can shift its dream through intention, feeling, and action. For your world is an extension of your consciousness—conditioned or non. Of course, you cannot know this logically. It can only be understood intuitively: By FEELING & BEING IT.


So my friend, if you enjoy this energy and want to dance more through words, feel free to book a session or find me on social media! 

With Love,

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