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Hey You!

My Name is Anna, and I joyfully Welcome you home to the home you never left! Yes, you read that right. THIS IS HOME! Each of us is the manifestation of Paradise or Formless Awareness, appearing as a particular character or person. In other words, we are Heaven disguised in everyday life. So there is no need for you to do anything unless it feels right and inspired! Because every movement, sensation, thought form, desire, or goal is the Great Mystery appearing as that energetic stirring!

However, the profound fallacy within the dogmatic mind is that you are broken or need to earn your way to Heaven, and that's just nonsense! Not wrong, but nonsense! This fable stems from the illusory idea that separation or duality is real. But it's not. Nothing is real. And when I say nothing is real, I am paradoxically pointing out that everything in the realm of form is actually the appearance of the Formless Mystery appearing as form, timelessness appearing as time, or infinity appearing finite. Hence, why you can't find it "out there." There is no "out there." Unless you think there is, then, like a self-fulfilling prophecy, there seems to be this long winding road that tells you you must keep trying hard to get to something that already is the case.

But my goodness, what you are seeking is your very breath!


In other words, you are god, source, totality, awareness, presence, whatever you want to call this energetic mystery—IT IS, AND YOU ARE THAT. So no need to go looking for it. it is what's looking. :)

Nevertheless, if you'd like to engage more with me and this message, there are many ways. You can check out the free written posts here on my website titled "Words From Home," engage on YouTube, become a Patron and join monthly Zoom meetings or follow me on Instagram. All of these can be found below!


Thanks for reading, and enjoy Being!


With Joy,