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My name is Anna, and it is my absolute joy and honor to remind you that your Conscious Awareness is God and that you are only dreaming that you are powerless and separate from the Source. Yes, you are dreaming, for that is all life is—The One Consciousness Dreaming itself up! And maybe your dream is scary or perhaps beautiful, but either way, you are dreaming! And it is my passion to assist you, the other version of myself, in uplifting your consciousness into the light of Christ, Krishna, or Buddha Consciousness. This consciousness is attainable for all because the light of Christ, The Buddha, or Krishna (same energy/different words) dwells within all hearts NOW. And you access and embody this energy through the physical with Conscious Awareness. 


In other words, if we want to be like Christ, we must assume it, be it, and breathe as it. For everything in life is a suggestion. So what are you suggesting to your body, aka Subconscious? Because whatever you believe is true will be true for you. Whatever you conceive of yourself, you shall receive of yourself. This goes for conscious or unconscious beliefs. Therefore, the goal is Being Aware Inside the Body. This is where it all begins—Being Conscious.


To learn and engage more, follow me on social media, book a session, or join a free or private gathering! 


With Love and Celebration!


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