Hello, my friends. My name is Anna, and I am not a teacher nor a guide. You could say I am a messenger that seems to pierce the illusory veil of space and time. I am nothing but a mirror to reflect What Simply Is— Heaven, Paradise, All That Is. 

But to put this briefly, the non-dual message I seem to convey is simple. There is no personal self with free will and volition; there is only THIS. And this is wholeness, or oneness, appearing as a play of twoness. So separation does not exist, nor does a path to enlightenment. A path to enlightenment is a mental story generated out of the illusory experience of separation.


However, this dream of thought can seem to end in an instant. Why? Because the mind and time are not real and solid—they only seem to be— like some form of optical illusion. But the good news is something (or rather nothing) knows this already. Something here senses what I am pointing to with these words. And what intuits this, what senses this, is beyond the story of time and therefore personal doership. Some call it presence or formless awareness, but I'd rather not subscribe or prescribe any word for what you are and what this is. Of course, all of this is a paradox that only the heart of intuition can resolve. 


​If these words resonate with your heart, and you'd like to dance a little more with them, then feel free to join me in a Private Session, The Patreon Community, or in a Retreat to unveil the mystery called you. Not logically, but intuitively. 


With love and wonder,