Blessings, my friends, my name is Anna, and I am not a teacher nor a guide. You could say I am a messenger that pierces the veil of the illusion of space and time. I am nothing but a mirror to reflect What Simply Is— Heaven, Paradise,

All That Is. 

In short, the simple message here is there is no personal self with free will and volition; there is only THIS. And this is wholeness, oneness, non-duality. Separation does not exist, nor does a path to enlightenment. There is only enlightenment or freedom appearing as all of these myriads of expressions we call "you" and "me." This appearance and separative energy we call me is not wrong. Yet, it is a very limited existence because the sense of me lives in its own world of struggle and seeking what already simply is—Unconditional Love.

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Endless Love,

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