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In this audio, I guide you back to the Light of Awareness and remind you that your world is an extension of your consciousness. Consciousness is the culmination of all you think, feel, and imagine —or the lack thereof. Therefore, to step into more abundant and heavenly experiences of yourself, you must understand that there is no god outside of your Awareness and that your beliefs/assumptions are summing energy for expression.


Thus, turn away from the external views of man and all the teachings that send you on wild goose chases and realize you are the power you seek. Just BE AWARE and FEEL THE FREQUENCY you want to see. 


As Within, So Without.


***It is recommended that after listening to this audio, you take time to integrate/meditate/contemplate on the experience and shifts. Notice the power of Awareness and its effects on matter. (energy=matter=enery)

Awareness is Power (7.5 Minutes)

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