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Wiping Sleep Out of The "I"

The illusion is that we are separate doers and choosers, and if we mess up a choice, it could affect our chances for enlightenment or a golden afterlife. But that's a joke; there is only enlightenment guising itself as a human who needs to seek it—but even that desperate seeking is wholeness! Yes, even that is totality pretending it's not! Hence, why it is called a dream! The word "dream" is the closest pointing to the energetic experience of being a separate individual; because as soon as the veil of personal identity is dropped, it is seen by no one that the individual never was. It never made a choice, it never fucked anything up, and it never had the power to do this or to do that. It only seems like there is free will and choice because there is an illusion of separation within the mind's play. That illusory play of ownership and freewill ends when seeking ends—spontaneously and organically. Meaning, no person who feels separate can end separation. That's asking an illusion to end an illusion. How does that work? It doesn't. And isn't it funny that it’s only the dream of separation who wants to end and eradicate the dream of separation? :)

My friends, this message is heard when it is heard, and no amount of contemplating, chewing, or dissecting brings you any closer to where you already are—wholeness. For there is only THIS, and this is what so many want to call God, Heaven, or Paradise.

Nonetheless, welcome home, love; you never left. You only dreamt of your leaving and arrival.




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