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When The Heart Is OPEN

When we open our hearts consciously, we release potent hormones and chemicals into our body, which compels us to continue living through the heart space and being a beacon of Unity.⁣

And good news! Opening the heart is easier than you may think. Let me break it down.⁣

💞Step 1: Be Aware that you are aware. (move beyond thinking, fully conscious)⁣

💞Step 2: Focus your consciousness through the center of the chest while feeling and breathing into gratitude and genuine love for yourself. (Please be patient with yourself here because you are seeing through your old stance in consciousness).

💞Step 3. Repeat with vigor and persistence until the new frequency of genuine love and self-appreciation is felt cellularly. Continue to consciously feel into this while doing daily activities until the outer matches the inner. Eventually, this will become your way of life, just like self-hatred, judgment, or seeking validation through others may have been. ⁣

⚡️Please note that your assumptions are running your life. So, when you dive into Conscious Love, your reality will shift like lightning. Do not give up or give in to the old-world habits of codependence and victimhood. Have faith in yourself, and you will see it through!⁣

I love you!⁣



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