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There Is No Other

When we feel separate and are living through thought forms, we can't help but enter the game of NEED, and once we enter the game of need, we tend to feel unworthy and therefore beg (not knowingly) to be recognized by others. ⁣

But there is no other, so really you are waiting to be recognized by your Self.⁣

Yet how does one recognize their Self?⁣

Well, it’s not so much about doing but rather a passivity of intuitively knowing that you are the Timeless Seer that's peering through your eyes—now. ⁣

This Seer we are is primordial, alert, and naturally aware. And it can only be recognized by itself through the manifested character called you!⁣


This is why I tell beings that my only advice is to return to breath or do something you enjoy. ⁣

Why? ⁣

Because when you return to the breath, you are returning to formless awareness, or that which we want to call presence. And when we do something we enjoy, we tend to slide into this organic and authentic awareness naturally. In other words, self-consciousness dissolves.⁣

I know these pointings are too simple for a very complex belief system that is fueled by lack and unworthiness. But be curious! Take the hand of Oneness and see for yourself!⁣

With So Much Love!⁣



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