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The Wonder of Nature

Imagine if we could see ourselves like moths and butterflies. ⁣

Unscripted, raw, and so beautifully ALIVE!⁣

You see, the little bugs and critters don’t need you to be beautiful and free. They are so beautiful and free that their energetics speak to the beautiful and free that is already within YOU. ⁣

Oh, my love, my Self. When will you take the time to just sit, breathe and BE with this abundant and magical world that is a natural extension of your Self?⁣

Please don't take my word for it – be your own experiment!⁣ Get outside your head! And take a moment to stop, look, and listen to see what wonder and awe wants to be displayed in front of your loving gaze.⁣

For this light show is your queendom/kingdom but have you come? ⁣

Remember your power my love, or Maya will trick you.⁣

I Love You,⁣



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