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The Road To Nowhere

The title of this passage alone can seem to dissolve the redundant mind's belief that it's on a path to find something. But what's to find when nothing is missing, and nothing is here?

You see, the mind doesn't actually exist. What we call the mind is just arising phenomenon called thoughts. But that doesn’t mean there’s a person in there. Thoughts arising have no greater or lesser significance than the birdsong that appears at dawn—it’s all the great unknown appearing as something known.

Thoughts appear

Smells appear

Temperature appears

Emotions appear

Thoughts disappear

Smells disappear

Temperature disappears

Emotions disappear

For no one.

Everything that seems to arise (including body and mind) is similar to waves crashing into each other – it means nothing—merely dancing water appearing ferocious, swirling, and yet at its coreless core, is unmoving and unchanging.

In other words, you as a seeker are already the sought, only pretending to be a person. Of course, this is obvious when it’s obvious, and it’s heard when it’s heard – impersonally. I can do nothing to get you to see this or to hear it– because there isn’t anyone. There is only life appearing as this for no reason.

Waves crash, and waves settle. Neither one matters to the ocean itself.



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